Robin Smith

Critical Perspectives on Disability Studies and Social Constructions of Environments: Commoditization and Its Effect on Society and Nature

By, Robin Smith


Smith and Manno, scholars in Disability Studies and Environmental Studies respectively, explore themes at the intersection of their disciplines. Manno sees that it is not just the environment that needs to be healed, but also society’s relation to it. Smith sees that it is not just the disabled who need “fixing,” but also the relationship between disability and society. In this presentation of their co-authored chapter, Smith discusses commoditization:  the oppression of people with disabilities as part of a larger pattern of privileging the economy of market goods and services over the independent economy of ecosystems and communities.


Robin M. Smith, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Special Education at the State University of New York at New Paltz in the Department of Educational Studies/Special Education Program.  Her research and teaching interests are in the areas of disability studies, inclusion, assuming competence, and social justice, and how meridian therapies support these issues. Dr. Smith is the author of numerous papers on disability studies, behavioral and cultural diversity, and inclusive education. Her current research explores teacher understanding and implementation of strength-based, person-centered positive behavioral support and broader concepts of motivational assessment to include quality of life values. She is a member of The American Education Association, The Association for the Severely Handicapped, and the Council on Exceptional Children as well as being an active member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)’s research committee.


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